Stained Glass

For our Spring semester stained glass project, which begins Thursday, March 8th, please select an image for your child’s project. He or she needs to print out the image as an 8×10, color it with colored pencil or crayon (not marker) if the image/print is black and white, and bring it to class Thursday along with a smock or t-shirt that can be sullied with unwashable art materials. The students will also need to supply a shirt box or similar in which to store their delicate artwork. Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Kostiuk will be leading this wonderful project.

Below are the images from which the students may choose. Please make sure your child selects an image that suits his or her abilities. Also, if you wish you may print the color images with a color printer. It is otherwise recommended for your child to choose a black and white image and color it.

Younger students should select from the first half of the list. Older students may select any of the images.