Welcome to the page for the St. John Bosco Juggling Guild of the St. Benedict Integrated Homeschool Program located in Imlay City, MI.

St. John Bosco was a talented juggler who used his skill to draw young people away from fighting and other destructive activities, and then won them over by introducing them to the goodness and truth of the Holy Catholic Faith!  This wasn’t just a device for Don Bosco, but a true source of joy and means of bringing out the innocent pleasures of life among young people.  As we know, Don Bosco became both a great educator and a tremendous friend to the boys of his time and place.  Let our jugglers, under his patronage and example, do the same!

Here is a little article about St. John Bosco and juggling:


And with a great debt to the St. Julian Juggling Troupe of St. Gregory’s Academy, who inspired our own founding, here is a snippet of what we hope to make possible in time:


The St. John Bosco Juggling Guild will continue to meet regularly to practice the juggling and music that will allow us to be true clowns of God.